Partnering with You to Achieve your Life Goals

Nothing is more important—to you, and to us—than having you achieve what you want out of your life. We have decades of experience and expertise helping people understand their choices.

When you become a client of Shine, we start by getting to know you, so we can understand your “big picture” – your needs, your dreams, your goals and even your fears.

Our questions will help you focus on what you truly want and help you identify your most personal goals and desires.


Once we have a mutual understanding of your goals, we create a “map” of investing and financial actions that will get you safely where you need to go.

With a clear picture of your current resources and future income streams we develop detailed financial models to estimate what your assets and liabilities will look like in the near and distant future.

This process raises many questions and also provides the answers that make sense for your situation.

How much do we need to save each year to eventually be financially independent? …or…. Now that I’m no longer earning income, how will my investments make up the shortfall between what I spend and what I get from Social Security each month?

How should we best balance spending on things we want to enjoy today and saving for longer term goals like college for our kids and our own retirement? …or… When do I start taking money from my IRA? Should I spend down my other accounts first?

How much can I afford to give to charity and still be in good shape for my own retirement? …or… How can I structure my estate to leave a family legacy?

Whatever the questions may be, having a strong analytical framework to help answer them is essential.


It’s critical that your investment portfolio be designed specifically to meet your financial objectives. Asset location and account titling matter. The mix of stocks and bonds and cash and real estate or other ‘alternative assets’ matters as well.

Our deep professional knowledge of the investment markets and decades of experience in evaluating investment managers serve as the foundation for the recommendations we make for your investment portfolio.


Avoiding big financial missteps is just as important (or even more so) to your financial success as making good investments. We review and discuss everything that touches you financially.

We start with a review of your insurance coverages (property and casualty, liability, life, health and long-term care) to ensure your family isn’t unduly exposed to any risks that could derail your financial progress.

We evaluate your investments to identify risky concentrations in a single company stock, illiquid asset, or market sector.

We advise on income tax strategies as well as estate planning techniques to help you retain a greater percentage of every dollar you earn.


Insurance, Taxes, Retirement Plans, Investments, Charitable Gifting, Preservation of an Estate – none can be addressed just once and then put on auto-pilot. As your life circumstances inevitably change, you will need to make adjustments to some or all of your well-laid plans.

When you become a client of Shine, we monitor your progress on all financial fronts and help you make adjustments along the way to ensure you stay on track.

We continuously monitor your investments and make changes when needed to balance appropriate risks with potential reward.

Our financial advisory service includes phone calls and in-person meetings regularly and as needed.


Everybody has questions about their finances. Some are basic, some are more complicated. Let us give you the kind of thoughtful answers and guidance that we’d give our own families.

As we work through your questions, the financial decisions become easier—and clearer. Your life becomes less complicated. Your odds of success—in many of your most important personal goals—go up. You sleep better at night, because we do the worrying for you.

Unlike sales professionals, brokers or product representatives, our firm works exclusively for you. In fact, Shine is a pioneer in the fiduciary advice model putting your interests and well-being first and foremost in all the advice we give. Our only allegiance is to you.