The Weather Report – January 2016

Volume 5 | Issue 1

2015: The Year of “Diworseification”

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The Weather Report – October 2015

Volume 4 | Issue 4

The Yogi Berra quote, which was brought to our attention this week, seems an apt description of where markets and the economy are today. Nobody is quite sure where we are or where we are going, but we all seem to think we’re going to get there soon.

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The Weather Report – July 2015

Volume 4 | Issue 3

The second quarter delivered slightly positive returns in many of the U.S. and global markets, and disturbing - but ultimately not harmful - news in Greece, China and Puerto Rico. The S&P 500 index, MSCI EAFE International index, and the MSCI EAFE Emerging Markets index all posted gains of less than 1% for the quarter.

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